Your goal. Our team.
About Us
We are a bendy, easy-going team of fervent IT enthusiasts ready to help you achieve 100% of your goals on the path to digital evolution.

The backbone of our IT team was formed in 2011 for Hi-End development and tech solutions for medium and large businesses. Working on complex tasks for our clients, we’ve got a staff of high-skill engineers with experience in development for various industries.

This has let us carve a special niche in the IT outsourcing market since 2018: we’ve started to provide specialists from all over the globe to develop and implement projects of any size and architecture for the sake of your goals. Our team now is more than 100 engineers ready to roll and scale up your development needs.

Executive team

  • Ksenia Arkhipova
    CEO MaximaTech
    We create software solutions to scale business faster, to achieve your technical and business goals.
  • Philipp Dmitrishin
    Head of Business Development
    Creating highly loaded IT products is always a complex process that requires the involvement of a whole team of specialists. The focus on the team is our key advantage.
Our services
We will promptly boost your development team with the necessary high-skill specialists. Outsourcing services of IT developers include:
  • Selection of a needed specialist profile together with the client.
  • Appointment of a project curator dealing with organizational issues.
  • Provision of a specialist's CV and communication with the client, where the needed hard and soft skills are determined.
Our 3 options model that
we can deliver to our customer
This option is about working within the established budget, regardless of the time and resources spent.
Time and Material
An option when the price is dictated by hours spent on the project implementation. The cost of an hour depends on the level of specialists involved.
Dedicated team
This option is about the dedication of a professional developers team under partial or full control to achieve your goals.

Why us and our model?

One of the most obvious reasons to involve outsourcing is a pricing model with reduced costs compared to internal staff, which may be more expensive.
If you have an idea that you want to implement, all you need is an outsourcing development team consisting of dedicated experts.
We can assure you of a quick and high-quality project implementation.
Turnkey Projects
Our team is skilled in the development of complex, highly loaded software, Hi-end development in industries requiring a high level of competence, such as:
  • Financial (FinTech)
  • Construction (PropTech)
  • Legal (LegalTech)
  • E-commerce
  • Logistics
  • Machine learning (ML)
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • StreamTech
  • Made-to-order development of software products, programs
  • Creation of architectural solutions for a project (can be ordered separately as an independent service)
  • Data acquisition, detailed analysis of business requirements and client’s needs
  • Formation of the project's preliminary architecture: flowcharts, interaction algorithms, required Technology stacks, user-stories
  • The project roadmap from the beginning to the implementation of the MVP
  • Drawing up a resource plan: how many roles will be required for the project and at what stage
  • Formation of a preliminary budget and deadlines
The software product development includes:
Why us and our model?

Your goal. Our team.

Delivering projects for large clients, we are used to the fact that the traditional methodology of project management and strict design constraints are constantly side by side with the high variability of client requirements and the need to use an iterative approach.

Stack Technology
Front End:
Back End:
Our Clients
We are trusted by companies from America, Canada, Europe, Asia:
Software for automating the processes of identifying significant events in the media environment, generating dynamic reports, and system management of solutions based on identified events.

Team: MP, Architect, Analyst, TeamLead, 3 Developers, UI/UX Designer, 2 Testers, 2 Technical Support Specialists.

Technology stack: NET framework, React.js, Server OS based on Windows and Linux, Database powered by MSSQL, MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, IIS and Nginx-based web servers, Docker-based containerizing, RabbitMQ-based message broker, Logging based on ELK, Monitoring based on Grafana / Prometheus and Zabbix
Automation Media System
A software application that makes the educational and management process at European private school as convenient as possible. We made scalable, must-have tools for administrators to track student enrollment, manage staff and faculty, and perform day-to-day operations. That system allows to keep up with school size, performance, and changing needs.

Team: 7 developers and 3 QA engineers

Technologies: Java, Spring, XML, Swing, MSSQL, Tomcat, HTML, AngularJS, Scala, Akka

School Management System
We made a flexible AVL solution that provides a full set of tools to track a vehicle’s location, behavior, and usage. It collects and analyses diverse data from on-vehicle trackers and connected sensors. The number one priority was to process this massive data flow in a way it would help client in decision-making operations.

Team: 7 developers and 3 QA engineers

Technologies: Java, Spring, XML, Swing, MSSQL, Tomcat, HTML, AngularJS, Scala, Akka

GPS-based transport monitoring system
The ambitious project launched by one of the telecom majors in Australia required our team to design and implement a movie streaming service with the support of P2P networking and Android-based STBs. The project team built up 20 prototypes within 2 months to pick the one that met the performance requirements.

Team: 5 developers and 2 QA engineers

Technologies: Microsoft .NET 4.0, WPF, DLNA, OSS for P2P, VLC-player

P2P Media Player for STB
Our team developed a server-side + Android app solution, which allowed: To gather data from personal use ECG; Recorders/Transmitters via acoustic or digital wireless transmission (BT); To pre-processes results, splitting ECG onto 12 segments as needed to interpret them; To store data to patients’ dossier and makes them available for remote access and sharing.

Team: 2 developers 1 QA engineer

Health Care Application – ECG Monitor
The team launched the project using a Scrum-based approach, which allowed for non-stop communication with the subject matter experts on the client's part who helped us to shape the product. As a result, client get a risk-management system providing instant data updates from dealing systems distributed across the globe.

Team: 5 developers and 2 QA engineers

Technologies: Microsoft .NET 4.0, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, RabbitMQ.

Forex Risk Management System

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